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  2. Blessed is the person who makes these. 

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  3. jackystjames:

    This question was asked by a man who emails me occasionally with questions about the adult industry. Unfortunately the question exceeded the characters allowed on my website form, but I felt it necessary to post the response here publicly for everyone to read.

    I just thought of another…

    …is this the same award group that has the award titled “Best Non-White Chick of the Year?” 

    Just wondering….

    This was an interesting read though. I dunno if I support Bella Knox or not. 


  4. Phones Analogy

    I just got a new phone… Samsung Galaxy S5. I’m convinced Samsung is better than the iPhone…and it takes really good pictures so plan on lotsa lotsa pictures and nakey snapchats if you’re lucky. 

    Anyways, every time I get a new phone, I always take really good care of it (like everyone does). I hold it gingerly and use it tenderly…so much that I ‘almost drop’ it cuz I’m trying to be so careful with it. I make sure to take all the measures it takes so it’ll have as long-lasting life as possible. When I drop it the first time, my heart hurts and I scoop up the phone and hug it and apologize and get sad over the scars and marks I made. Most importantly, I look at it in awe and think: “I can’t believe in a year or so, I will be throwing you around not caring if you get broken or stolen cuz I’ll really be yearning for that upgrade.” 

    That there is exactly how I think about the males in my life.

    The end. I love my new phone. 



  6. I absolutely love Miley. 

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  7. White people. 

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  8. senorhoudini:


    Coolest white girl. 

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  9. The fact that there are women who are willing to reproduce with this dude is a reason why we still need feminism. 

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