1. I’m making up for the sluttines that is the picture of my ass by making that douche-bag pose. I’m actually kinda embarrassed I’m posing like that. I don’t know how girls with smaller asses make their ass look so big in pictures. I guess I don’t know how to take good ass pictures… or maybe my ass is just small.. no, I worked hard as hell on my ass…it looks a lot better in real life than it does in pictures. 

    One of my friends, who is completely ignorant about fitness and bodies, asked me, “why do you not have a bubble butt if you do so many squats? …like your legs got bigger but your ass still isn’t a bubble butt.” I rarely get flashes of anger, but I got a flash of anger. “because, biatch, I only had a HINT (a very SMALL hint) of ass before my squatting journey. You can’t magically grow a bubble butt if you had Asian Flat-Ass syndrome. The girls who have huge squat butts (ie: Bubble butts) had a bubble butt to begin with..If you build a bubble on a bubble, of course it’s going to be a huge bubble butt. If you had NOTHING, you are only going to have a little something when you start squatting heavy. I love my ass and am proud of it…(especially my legs though)” End rant.  


  2. If you aren’t thrusting like this, you’re doing it wrong. (90% of non-black men, 30% of black men) 

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  3. I’m sorry…that white guy in the back is adorable. He must be easy to cheat on. 

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  4. o…m…g

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  5. This is my #wcw. Deanna, my kickboxing instructor and blue belt at #alliance. She is a widow and single mother of 2 awesome kids and she is just so badass. She held this plank for 5 minutes. She is my fitspiration… I can only dream of when I can make her tap.


  6. andrope:

    I added some subtle sass.

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  7. People who oppose Obamacare are selfish fucks. 

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  8. She might just be my next female obsession. 

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  9. listengirlfriends:

    When it comes to objectification, this is a great example of why comparing male strip clubs to Hooters is a “false equivalent.”


    **side note: I think Hooters girls are the worst. If you’re going to be a whore, be an all-out whore…don’t just “kinda” be one. 

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  10. BJJ

    I’ve been taking BJJ for about four months now… My instructor recently told me: “You are technically very good. You get all the movements down and do them perfectly…you just freak out when you roll and forget what you are doing even though you know all the movements. Plus you have the perfect body for BJJ.” —which most of that was music to my ears. I thought I had been doing the moves all wrong but now that I think about it, I guess my form is pretty on point. He is correct, however. When it comes to rolling, I have NO idea what I’m doing. I forget all the moves I learned and am just intent on not getting submitted and recomposing guard. I have no idea how to transition from passing into submitting a person. My armbars suck…My strength is the triangle cuz of my relatively long legs (and I mostly roll with much shorter females).

    That said, I think I have a processing issue. I always thought I had some kind of learning disability cuz of my inability to do well on tests. Like I understand different components of things (anything, really) but when it comes to putting these components together and making things out of it, I get lost.

    Fuck. I guess I will just keep practicing… I wish I could have more rolling experience…but I don’t have anyone to roll with…other than when I get drunk and try to triangle everyone.